Seven Pro Tips For Fifa 16

FIFA 16 is a difficult game. Along with the always unjust and cruel game difficulty that we have ever seen in a football game, there are many things to master. On top of all it’s a game, which assumes that the player knows his craft of digital football game. Those who bring not many years practice in FIFA, can give Sports Football Simulator quickly get into trouble with the new edition of EA. And even if someone thinks is a FIFA Master, several elements must be relearned equal. We have compiled the top seven tips that have guaranteed all professionals also considered to be good in FIFA 16th

Build knowledge
Who wants to race, must learn to walk first. FIFA 16 is a very complex game of football with many types of shooting, dribbling and the Misfits. To learn the basics and then the most advanced features, you should urgently look at the tutorial videos in the main menu. The new live help system is initially very useful, because it provides a context-sensitive while playing tips. Just a couple of matches playing on low difficulty and focus on the tips.

Practice collect
The theory of FIFA 16 is the one thing that really good one will only match practice. There is nothing better than to try to complete the skill games with top score. Some of these challenges are quite difficult, but after several attempts you can feel the individual development. Whoever masters the skill games, is well prepared for online and offline matches and knows most of the secrets of the game.

Art of good defense
Defend is in FIFA 16 is a complicated task, especially through the manual control of the defense. Who actually is too hard, which can return to the classical scheme, which works almost automatically. For this you have to look at the menu, select “Legacy-defense” and activate. And one should always try to remain calm, while you have to take over the defense work. Never dull after rushing the ball, because it dribbles one even the weak set of artificial intelligence with ease into nirvana. Peace, patience and timing are the basics for a good defense.

Possession expand
the Artificial Intelligence in FIFA 16 so defended very well, so it’s only natural that some will find it hard to stay in possession. If that’s the case, you should first the Sprint button is released. Reallynow. There is often a tendency loszurennen with the ball, but that can be a big mistake. One should rather try to get the ball more often to adjust and to wait for the other players, so that they can occupy the empty spaces. So you risk significantly less turnovers. And that allows one to keep the ball for a longer period.

ssault with intent
There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16th We can try to edges to be placed in the box, early to defend the enemy and to put in a quick counterattack, from shooting outside the box or to start a bit fixes passing near the opponent’s defenders. But there is no better or worse way for the attack, but one should consider the context of the team. If the strikers are rather small, edges are perhaps the worse way. Are they more likely to slow, it will not be easy to start fast counterattack.So you have to know the strengths of the team and be clever.

With tactics to success
formation and tactics in FIFA 16 are more important than many players believe. So some often complain that the team too far back remains, too often runs into the offside trap or generally does not make enough Pressing forward. All this may in fact be simply attributed to the wrong selected formation and thus the wrong tactics of the team. So you should spend some time to find the model that best fits the own style of team play and. Here sometimes helps just trial and error. We may neglect the tactical side of the simulation in any case NEVER.

Unlock Goodies
You collect while playing so diligently game currency that you can spend, and of course should. From the main menu you can access the catalog and use the coins for the FUT mode to unlock alternate jerseys, cheering poses new, extra balls or cheats for career mode. This has no direct influence, but psychologically a role to play in particularly rare or expensive shirts and show the enemy exactly.
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Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA V For PC Guide To Install

Hello everyone ! Today I come with good news for you all! Guess what ? Following your requests, I present to you, our blog for exlusivitée how GTA 5 Download Free PC! Yes, you do not dream, it is the official version on the PC, and all in French. I must admit that GTA 5 is one of the most popular game on the net, or of its sales huge deal for a billion dollars in such time may, at its release at wreaked havoc on PS3 and XBOX. I warn you, if you want to download it directly click the download button because I will develop, and talk about the game in today’s article. After years of expectations, playing several games, GTA 5 PC Free go well, we’re all eagerly awaited, right? That’s why I decided to make you happy today by telling you how to download gta 5 pc free! On the Facebook page, we gave you an exclusive gameplay of GTA 5 PC, you all have asked us how to have it on PC because it was not out yet, so we have made this site to show you how .

Download Free PC GTA 5

Here it is ! GTA 5 is finally out, and I waited as long as you … or not. And yes, I did manage to find you GTA 5 on PC, this is not the demo version, but the FULL version! I played all the previous PC version, I’m such a big fan that you see biggest fan you because I’ve played since its first version, but the version I have always preferred it was the 3. But now this new version of the game is totally unbelievable that’s why I think you want to download gta 5 pc free! It’s totally great, I played for 8 hours straight the day I found it. The game has enormous innovation in the graphics engine, the gameplay in general. 5 In this episode, you have three main characters, who each have a personal life just as different from one another. These characters are Michael, Trevor and Franklin, but you do not connaissez probably because it has not yet passed the stage of how to download GTA 5 PC Free, then begin. Each character has its strengths, which can arrange in missions, such as to a hold, you will assign each a post that is tailored to these capabilities to succeed your mission. The skills that have the characters are different, and you can all improve, such as shooting, stealth, endurance and many others. For missions where you have to drive, speed, for example, it is recommended you choose Franklin, for it is his strong point to see his skills, personally I tested, sending it heavy! There also have several other secondary characters, but you can not use it to play your own, they are involved in the game and are independent, not to mention one of the famous characters from this episode of GTA is Choop! Download Grand Theft Auto 5 pc free is really an excellent game, there have nothing to complain about it.

gta 5

The story of GTA 5 PC

The story is always happening in Los Santos, a town made famous by one of the older version of GTA 5 PC is a city that screw mph, touts or people are busy with their little life and it’s every man for himself. The three characters will therefore do everything to get by, by any means possible.
You have several ways to make money on Gta 5 Download PC, you can do like everyone else and do a job for example taxi, it pays little and it’s very slow you get bored, so that by Des … good big robberies, where it pays to bottom and the game is much more interesting. A strong trend has been created at the cars, you will have a great car of choice in this game, either on PC (this site learns to download GTA 5 PC Free), XBOX or PS3 cars are quite sublime , more HD graphics are, no detail is left to chance and everything is calculated to millimeter! Before, we could see several flaws, and several bugs … quite strange for a big game like this, but this time there there have nothing to say, you can observe touts the details you want in this game pc, while is indeed perfect. Talk about the online mode, have you ever tried? I do not think, because if you are still reading then you have not seen how PC Free Download GTA 5! The online mode is revolutionary is the best that have been produced par Rockstar games! GTA 5 Online is a game mode that is very active, or you can play online have other people to achieve goals specific goods that you will fix you! This is a mode in which your joueur toelement is free, because it is yourself which first create at the beginning of the game, then you can then carry out a task of many of the game.

The Google Play gift cards – Introduced in Our Digital Lives

Google has finally launched in Canada its Google Play gift cards, which can be used to buy Android applications, but also to buy e-books or watching movies. These cards can be used with all phones and Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One, Moto X, etc.
Gift cards are useful – as their name implies – to give gifts, but they can also be used by the owners of an Android device that does not have a credit card and still want to have access to Google Play store. These are also of particular interest to parents of children who have access to a tablet or smartphone.
The cards should be available at several retailers, including Future Shop, Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Couche-Tard. Obviously, it will probably wait a few days before they are offered in different shops of these stores.
For now, these are offered with a value of $ 15, $ 25 and $ 50.With the arrival of gift cards in Canada, the Google Play store catches up one of the last major delays it had on the App Store.
The gift from Google Play now just arrived in MediaMarkt and already sold in the FNAC, these cards have codes to enter in Google account and thus can be redeemed in our Google Play account without the need of any credit card. Find a working google play gift card generator, it may help you save some bucks.

We all have small moments of doubts when comes a birthday or anniversary or even worse when we see minis geeks adept at pilfering house of our dear tablets and Android smartphones …. As of today, it is hard to see sometimes damage to prevent children / teenagers to touch these technologies become indispensable and very useful. Obviously if everything was free, life would be beautiful but not necessarily so for that you have the method to link a credit card to your Google Play account which is not necessarily a good idea, piracy forces…. or the Google Play gift card on sale in some supermarkets see tobacconists (ie that more and more distributors the offers). You can find 15, 25 or 50 Euros celons distributors and has no expiry date.
How does it work??
So it’s simple, in general, it is in the case with prepaid cards like SFR map and gift cards offered by the stores themselves. Simply, necessarily passing it on hand to activate.
The instructions are simple and rated the back of your card Google Play are:
– To use your gift card on the web:
1. Visit
2. Scrape the label, and enter the code.
3. The value of your gift card will be added to your Google Play balance.

Upright Exercise Bike

For those that are in to good health and fitness, lots of will certainly probably own an upright physical exercise bike. Owning upright physical exercise bikes is undoubtedly one means to have actually enjoyable while burning those calories. Along with that, you can easily do it from the comfort of your very own home. An upright physical exercise bike is comparable in form to a traditional outdoor bike. If you wish to get hold of among these, you will certainly have actually to think of additionally whether you will certainly be comfortable along with the contour and seat of this sort of physical exercise bike.


If you are curious about obtaining an upright physical exercise bike, you will certainly additionally have actually to make assess initial if you are comfortable on a normal bike. This is since the upright physical exercise bike is generally comparable in contour and form to the traditional outdoor bike.


If you are on a budget or you are preparation to own an physical exercise bike merely to as a supplement to your various other physical exercise equipment, after that you can easily additionally take a consider models that are sold for under USD 500. They could not be of the very best quality yet will certainly undoubtedly be functional sufficient for your physical exercise needs.


Of course, not everybody that purchases an physical exercise bike will certainly be utilizing it on a normal basis. If you are just obtaining it as extra tools for your physical exercise regimen, after that those priced under USD 500 will certainly job simply too for you. They can easily offer you the exercise you reason devoid of you having to spend a great deal of money. Plus, the put on and tear will certainly just be gradual because you will certainly not be utilizing it regularly.


With regards to resistance, magnetic resistance is said to be the very best kind. Preserve this in thoughts once buying an upright physical exercise bike. Not just are magnetic currents used to Preserve monitor of the resistance, you can easily additionally pick a wider lot of exercise services on a bike along with magnetic resistance.


In the case of upright physical exercise bikes, warranties are per component such as the parts, the labor and the machinery. If you are a bit hesitant to get hold of one, simply think of it as an investment and assess exactly how frequently you will certainly be utilizing the physical exercise equipment. For those that intend to usage their bike in order to perform a a lot more significant workout, after that you could hope to get models that are priced considerably greater yet which could have actually a much longer life and quality and which could have actually a lot more sophisticated features for you.


Instead of using Upright bike, you can use Recumbent bike (like Weslo pursuit ct 4.2 exercise bike)


How to do a Mobile recharge

How to do a Mobile recharge


For any smartphone user there are two things that are of utmost importance.

  1. Mobile Recharge
  2. Mobile Battery recharge


Mobile Recharge

So what is a mobile recharge? It is the amount of talk time in a mobile. The amount of money that needs to be loaded up in to a mobile by you through your service provider to be able to use your phone to make long distance calls browse internet, etc. A mobile without talk time is like a car without gas and is an expensive piece of paper weight sitting in your pocket. There are many ways to do Mobile Recharge but before you do it check out Paytm Promo Code which gives you additional discounts on top of the offers that your service provider is offering.


Mobile Battery Recharge

Where do I charge the battery of the mobile at the airport?

You are travelling and are at the airport and you realize that you have the phone without battery charge.  Whether you’re at the airport of New Delhi or Madrid Airport, you can find outlets and charging stations and internet access, also called “e-point”.

e-points are electronic points that let users charge their mobile phones free of charge. This is a service provided by the mobile operators.

Mobile recharge

Adolfo Suarez Airport Madrid-Barajas has more than 80 ‘e-point’ distributed among T1, T2, T3 and T4 terminals.  It is placed in the USB ports that can connect any device (mobile, tablet, iPad, memory cards) allowing a mobile connection that is fast enough to let users download and send stored files via the Internet.

The Delhi Airport, on the other hand, has 1,040 outlets available and a recharge zone in the T2 terminal.  The airport also includes 12 machines mobile recharge (nine in the T1 and T2 three), for a nominal fee.

These government entities are realizing the power of consumer satisfaction and pushing for these perks that are valued by the consumer. Don’t be surprised if someone decides to have a layover in Delhi airport than say Kathmandu or Colombo because of the perks offered. It’s a win -win situation for the airport as well as the travelers.